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Ingham Danger and Warnings

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Personal security is a concern for all residents and visitors in any urban area, and Ingham in Queensland, Australia is not an exception. Being aware of the possible dangers and warnings can help you stay safe while living or visiting in the town.

Crime rates in Ingham

Ingham is a small town with a relatively low crime rate compared to other Australian urban areas. However, it is always important to be aware and cautious.

Dangers and warnings in Ingham

The following are some of the possible dangers and warnings in Ingham:

  • Street crime: Petty theft or robbery may happen in public places or parks.
  • Domestic violence: As in any community, domestic violence is a concern. In case of emergency, contact the police immediately.
  • Driving: Be aware of the speed limits, and always wear a seatbelt or helmet when riding a motorbike or a bicycle. Also, be aware of possible wildlife crossing roads, particularly at night.

For more information and advice on personal security in Australia and Ingham, visit the following Australian Government websites:

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